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How much can I save?

  • Simple and Free
  • No obligation to switch
  • Call our Helpline 02030340307
  • (English & Gujarati)
  • KSIMC of London has partnered with The Big British Switch to negotiate an Exclusive Energy Tariff for the Hujjat Community in the UK with BULB.

  • Grab your energy bill, Enter your postcode and see how much you can save by being part of the Hujjat Collective Switch! No Obligation, No need to contact your old supplier, just savings of £250+ a year!

What is Collective Switching?

The phrase “You can achieve more if you work together” is the principle behind collective energy switching.

By joining together and choosing to switch as a community, it gives KSIMC of London the power to negotiate an exclusive and highly competitive tariff that benefits the Hujjat community.

Collective Switching takes the hard work out of changing energy suppliers.

Why you should join the Hujjat Collective Switch

The Hujjat Community Uplift Programme has partnered with The Big British Switch to save our families and households money and support the Hujjat community across the UK.

Where’s the catch?

There is no catch!

Most of you will be on a Big 6 supplier’s standard tariff. These are so bad that even the Government is concerned and is encouraging initiatives, such as this one, that will get households switching their energy supplier to better deals.

Everyone wins!

Why Bulb Energy?

This is an exclusive deal!

  • The typical home will save up to £284
  • 25% cheaper than the average of the Big 6 Standard tariff
  • Bulb will also pay your exit fees to release you from your current contract
  • There is no exit fee if you change your mind

Top Rated Customer Service

  • Ranked #1 energy supplier on Trustpilot
  • Ranked #2 by Citizen Advice Bureau reviewers
  • UK-based support team
  • Online account management via web or mobile app
  • 400,000 homes already with Bulb

Shared Values

  • Preserve nature:100% Green Electricity and 10% Green Gas
  • Bulb Ethos: “Joining a community is at the heart of everything we do”